Why can't I make a package selection?

  • Make sure you chose a background first, it will default to Gray, if you do not want Gray please select the 'Change Background' button.

What are the benefits of Prepaying online?

  • Your child or teacher will not lose the picture flyer and you won't have to worry about your written credit card info getting into the wrong hands. 

  • A copy of your online order will be emailed to you.

  • Samples of our products and packages that we offer are online.

  • More items and backgrounds are available online. 

Why does it take up to 2 weeks before images are loaded online? 

  • After the photo shoot it takes us a 3-4 days to process orders and upload the data and images to our lab. Our lab color corrects and crops all of our images and then prints the packages. Once this process is finished the finished images are loaded online. During the fall season it is Peak Season and this may take a couple of extra days.  

How do I get an Access Code for my child?

If you lost or never received a insert with Access Code, email us at

  • School - Please provide your child's name and school name.

  • Sports - Please provide you player's name and league.


Why did I not receive my pictures that I ordered?

  • Check with you child's school or teacher, each school handles distribution differently.

  • Maybe your Credit card did not go through, most of the failed card attempts are due to an invalid card number, this is because sometimes we can not read your handwriting. We try to process Invalid and Declined transactions 2 more times, after that the order is cancelled. We do try to call the number on the order form to process the order.

  • An order form was not turn into the photographer when the picture was taken, we assign codes to each photo, this lets us know who turned in a order form.